University developments by Component Projects.

Component Projects working at Universities.

After recently completing the Ceilings ,Partitions and Bulkheads at the Languages centre at Vaal University of Technology we now look forward to the next challenge.

This has come in the form of the extension to the David Webster Residence at Wits University. The Languages centre consisted of a new building .

The ceilings ,partitions and bulkheads were fitted in new class rooms, administration offices, conference rooms, rest rooms, audio laboratories, resource laboratories ,academic offices and corridors.

The building was four stories high and also included some outside ceilings. The design centred around a circular core which meant a number of the ceilings and bulkheads had to be circular on plan. A central lift and stairway allowed access to all floors. Many of the walls were curved and created a more subtle feeling to the interior space.

The third floor accommodated the administration department which required many individual offices and meeting rooms.

This compartmentalisation gives privacy and security to these functions. This was achieved using traditional drywall partitions.

With glazed doors to enhance natural lighting to passages.

Most noteworthy suspended ceilings were fitted throughout .

The ceiling tile specified was the 1200x600mm Pelican Pinhole design complementing the clean professional look of the building.

Drywall bulkheads were constructed where necessary and where aesthetically needed. These areas included rest rooms and passages.

The David Webster Residence Wits University.

The ceilings ,partitions and bulkhead work at The David Webster Residence will be of a more traditional type. This is necessary to be able to match the new extension to the existing buildings finishes. That said special attention has been taken to incorporate todays insulation requirements.

Consequently insulation will be achieved using Isoboard fitted to concrete soffits. And 130mm thick insulation in roof space.

Hence matching Ceilings will be achieved by using traditional flush plastered gypsum board ceilings. Existing cove cornices also require to be matched .

As a result these ceilings will create a more homely feel to the building . The students will experience a comfortable ,relaxed environment.

Previous completed works.

The above projects are an addition to our other ceilings ,partitions and bulkhead works carried out at both Wits University and University of Johannesburg .

Hence Component Projects  ceilings, partitions and bulkheads installations have included  Wartenweiler library, Commerce library, Jan Smuts House and Education department at Wits University.

There for at University of Johannesburg we fitted ceilings, partitions and bulkheads to Executive offices, Doornfontein campus library  and Lecture rooms but too mention a few.

Ceilings and Partitions at Fourways Mall fitted by Component Projects.

Ceilings ,Partitions and Bulkheads at Fourways Mall by Component Projects.

Component Projects recently completed ceilings, partitions and bulkheads works at Fourways Mall.

ceilings, partitions and bulkheads by component projects
Fourways mall upgrade

The work was located in the new Food Court.

The importance of a modern enticing food court in the mall redevelopment cannot be under estimated.

A choice of fast food outlets is important to the busy shopper.
It is located in a busy area of the Mall next to main thorough fairs such as the cinemas.

This enables movie goers and people on a night out to enjoy a meal at their favorite restaurant.

This area also accommodates Estoril books, The Hairdresser, Pentravel and the Centre management offices.

All of which required ceilings ,partitions and bulkheads.

There is a large open area for shoppers to relax and or pass the time in.

Seating and work station areas are available for access to the internet at ones leisure.

Bulkheads were erected to enhance the mall and incorporate the shop fronts.

The area is adjacent to entrances 4 and 5.

These both required ceilings, partitions and bulkheads.

Providing aesthetics to these areas as well as closing in services, pipework and ducting.

Much of this work had to be carried out after hours so as to not interfere with the smooth running of the Mall.

It was of utmost importance to achieve the correct end product.

Ceilings, Partitions and Bulkheads

So ceilings, partitions and bulkheads were in some cases rebuilt to new designs.

This was done as we value a first class product in order to showcase our works to the general public.

The end product reveals flowing lines and interesting directional changes in the overall view of the ceiling and bulkhead lay-outs.

The color schemes create a mild unimposing setting allowing the shopper to feel at ease in these newly built surroundings.

We again produced a healthy feel good environment fit for the demands of todays busy general public.

Well done to all involved and we look forward to many hours of enjoyable shopping.

Tender News Component Projects Ceilings and Partitions .

Tender news

component projects ceiling and partitons
Tender news

Component Projects, Ceilings and Partitions has been busy tendering on a variety of new contracts this last three months.

The competitive nature of the Ceilings and Partitions industry has been evident in the tender results.

We endeavor to give the most competitive prices whilst fulfilling our obligations on service and quality.
Ceilings and Partitions are of the utmost importance in the appearance ,layout and aesthetics of buildings.

Therefore Architects and designers require first class solutions at economical prices.

Unfortunately some companies forsake service in order to achieve low rates.

We however continue to commit ourselves to our fundamentals of service and quality.

Component Projects

Going forward in the Ceilings and Partitions sector of the construction industry Component Projects will provide optimum customer satisfaction.

Working with our partners we have managed to put together very competitive prices.

This will enable us to remain a force in the Ceilings and Partition industry.
In these tough economic times it is important to maintain staff moral knowing they are at the forefront of the companies presence.

We endeavor to do this by staff training and employee feedback.

This process will be beneficial to all in the long term strategy.

Recently we have been tendering on a variety of new projects.

These have ranged from shopping center refurbishments, office blocks, university extensions, residential developments ,historical buildings and many more. Each one is considered as a potential way of engaging in new relationships.

So as not to under estimate the importance of growth and development.

These new relationships will in turn promote Component Projects Ceilings and Partitions to an ever increasing number of potential customers.

Further more allowing more people to experience our unique level of customer care.

We assure everyone that whether big or small each project is given the high levels of service we pride ourselves on.

In conclusion please be assured of  Component Projects ever increasing commitment to the Ceilings and Partitions sector of the construction industry.

Component Projects completes another contract.

Component Projects completes Bram Fischer Towers

Refurbishment for the Department of Correctional Services. This particular contract was done within extremely tight time constraints. The entire ground floor was remodelled for the purposes of the Department of Correctional Services.

Support for the officers of this department and the rehabilitation and processing of offenders was taken into account in the layout of these premises. Provision for social workers, registration offices ,holding facilities and archive rooms were taken account .

The flow and practical use of the facilities was considered in the general layout. Bulkheads Ceilings and Partitions were all included in the design of this facility. Our construction partner Lemay Painting and Renovating were responsible for the overall co-ordination of these works. Special attention was given to bulkheads  adjacent to the exterior shop fronts.

Bram fischer towers bulkhead, ceiling and partition.

This enabled ceilings to be constructed at differing levels. Due to Consideration of  fire regulations was also adhered to with the implementation of fire rated partitions. These provided the compartmentalization of the floor layout. Also the security requirements had to be taken very seriously as a result  .

Partitions at Bram fischer towers

Galvanised sheet reinforcing was incorporated in the partitions. Ceilings were constructed in precast concrete sections where necessary. Lighting and visibility were also considered as a result. Partitions were fitted with windows in most of the offices which enhanced these requirements.

Special access requirements were accounted for by providing custom made doors. Corner protection was provided in high traffic areas. An essential feature in the pursuit of a low maintenance facility.

Bulkhead at Bram fischer towers

Extra high partitions were required in certain areas due to existing soffit heights.

Due to the height, all bulkhead and partition was constructed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations to give the required stability.

Door openings also had to be subsequently redesigned to incorporate these wider partitions. The standard requirements in the use of insulation materials was also taken into consideration.

Partition at Bram fischer towers

With all ceilings receiving insulation.

While aesthetics were not ignored and pleasing shadow lines and finishing angles were incorporated to achieve this.

The work was completed on time and to budget as a result.


Bulkhead, ceiling and partition at Anglo American

Bulkheads, ceilings and Partitions at Anglo American.

Bulkheads, ceilings and partitions done to the highest quality.Another wonderful projects completed in Johannesburg CBD.

Bulkheads, ceilings and partition
Coffee station Bulkhead at Anglo America

The image of bulkheads, ceilings and partitions the above shows the high quality of the bulkhead at the coffee station at Anglo American.

The finished product is amazing. Client satisfaction was the penultimate goal. working with the likes of Lemay Painting and renovating was a wonderful experience.

Bulkhead, ceilings and partition
Bulkhead at lift lobby at Anglo America

The finished Bulkheads at the lift lobby is mesmerizing in lack of a better word. The Bulkheads is completed in the programed time and with a flawless finish.

Lemay Painting and renovating as well as the help from the Anglo team made the working at Anglo safe and efficient.

Bulkhead, ceilings and partition
Bulkhead at coffee station at Anglo America

The safety team at Lemay panting and renovating as well as the safety team from Anglo American made us Component Projects feel safe.

As a result the work  environment a pleasure to work in though out the construction period.

Anglo American bulkheads, ceilings and partitions.

The coffee station in the image above is the finished product after all trades complete work in the area.

Bulkhead, ceilings and partition
Ceiling at Anglo America

Ceilings are installed to the highest quality and within the tolerance required to maintain the beauty and artistic floor layout.

Ceiling material was supplied by OWA ceilings.

Since the team at Anglo and Lemay are thrilled at the finished product installed by Component Projects.

Bulkhead, ceilings and partition
Ceilings and partitions

As we have completed the 7 floors in our contract we are confident that Lemay and Anglo America will use us to complete more floors for them.

Component Projects worked well with the safety team and always maintained a high standard of safety for their employees on site as well as off site.

in conclusion a big Thank you to Lemay painting and renovating and Anglo American for a wonderful experience.

Ceilings and Partitions at Eastgate Mall

Bulkhead, ceiling and partition at Eastgate mall.

Ceilings and Partitions were constructed at Eastgate shopping mall to the highest standards. The challenges were both co-ordinating existing tenants and also budgetary constraints . Access to shops and offices had to be maintained at all times.

Ceilings and Partitions at Eastgate Shopping Mall-Partitions at Woolworth's
Partitions at Woolworth’s
Ceilings and Partitions at Eastgate Shopping Mall-Partition erected in passage.
Partition erected in passage.

Passages had to be maintained . So temporary partitions and ceilings were erected throughout the center. Thus enabling both shoppers and staff free ans easy movement. Maintaining crucial flows in the Mall.

Ceilings and Partitions at Eastgate Shopping Mall-Temporary ceilings
Temporary ceilings

Repairing and maintaining ceilings and partitions  was ongoing  so as not to cause undue stress to staff and management. A large proportion of the work had to be carried out after hours which entailed extra challenges.

It was of utmost importance to keep the areas clean & tidy in order to maintain  the ambience of the shopping center. It is important to make the shopper feel at ease in their surroundings.

the main   contractor Stefanutti Stocks co-ordinated the whole project. It was undertaken to very tight program constraints as the client Liberty life could not accept unnecessary delays. As this would impact on tenant satisfaction. The end delivery was monitored throughout the duration of the contract.

Another challenging feature was the redirection of existing services while  maitaining the operation of the mall. Ceilings had to be removed and replaced to enable the redirection of these services.

Above all the safety of Mall staff, shoppers and construction personnel had to be of the utmost importance . This was achieved by constant supervision and reporting of activities. Making sure all areas were covered continually throughout the duration.

At the completion of the project it was notable that all relationships were still maitained and respected. Paving the way for successful future contracts.

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