Products component projects ceilings, partition and bulkheads use top quality Gyproc products.

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  • Gyproc Moisture Resistant
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  • Gyproc Acoustic (Tiles)
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  • Gyproc Exposed Fire Rate (Tiles)
  • Gyproc Acoustic (Board)
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Images from Component Projects bulkhead, ceiling and partition specialists.

Component projects bulkhead, ceiling and partition specialist in bulkhead, ceiling and partition.

Coffee station at Anglo America.

Ceiling grid and tiles supplied by OWA ceilings as it was specified in the bill of quantities and had high acoustic value.

time lines were kept in high regard in Anglo America projects as component kept to the specified periods and finished well with in program time.


Ceilings and partition erected at IBM

Ceilings and partition
Ceilings and partition erected at IBM


Bram Fischer Towers

high quality partition was erected in Bram fischer towers.

As a result the product was a success in that the client Lemay was thrilled with the finish.

In addition the ceilings have been installed with the high quality product.

hence the bulkheads had to designed in accordance with the safety standards. As a result the finished look is an astatic wonder.

Thus the passages are formed in such a way as to make the experience a welcoming and warming as possible.

Vaal University of Technology

Vaal University of Technology was completed by Component projects with the highest quality products and within the specified time period we were set by Fikile Constriction.


High quality Bulkheads, Ceilings and Partitions at Anglo America lift lobby.

Bulkhead , ceiling and partition
Bulkhead at Anglo America lift lobby

Bulkhead, ceiling and partition company ‘Component projects’ Just one of the many Achievements by component projects. All work done to the highest standard and quality products used. Grade A office space created in the existing offices in Marshall town.

Bulkhead , ceiling and partition
Ceiling grid at Anglo America

Products used from OWA ceilings and partition. specified by the architect on site as the product to be used on site.

Bulkhead , ceiling and partition
Coffee station Bulkhead at Anglo America

Coffee station Bulkhead used the highest quality product and equipment to allow a flawless finish. Working with our partner Lemay Painting and renovating. Component projects has thus achieved the goal of being part of the world leader Anglo America and the renovation of the head office in Johannesburg.

Eastgate Mall Redevelopment.

First of all superior retail development in the East Rand was revamped to meet the latest consumer expectations. Also the shops, cinemas ,food court and open mall areas where given a high end look.

Furthermore with Component Projects Bulkheads, Ceilings and Partitions contributing greatly in this improved shopping experience.

The latest designs and technology were incorporated in these finishes to Bulkheads ,Ceilings and Partitions. As well as constructing new Bulkheads , Ceilings and Partitions Component Projects was heavily involved in creating temporary access for the shoppers and Mall staff.

This had to be achieved with the minimum disruption to the Mall.

As a result temporary Bulkheads ,Ceilings and Partitions were erected to enable parts of the centre to remain live whilst construction operations took place.

Access passages were erected to enable shoppers easy and safe entry into various areas of the Mall.

Quality and safety had to be maintained at all times for this high end shopping centre.

Vaal University of Technology.

While the construction of a new Languages centre incorporated Component Projects Bulkheads, Ceilings and Partitions.

In addition incorporating modern designs to make the learning experience pleasurable for the students.

In a bright ,clean and study conducive  environment to achieving high academic standards.

Due to academic support staff facilities requiring the best Bulkheads, Ceilings and Partitions solutions available. Component Projects  contributed greatly in the technical input in these structures as a result.

University of Johannesburg

We recently have completed the refurbishment of the civil engineering department at University of Johannesburg. all works included are ceilings in all departments, partitioned offices in the faculty office area, specialized ceiling in the lecture theater, fire proof bulkheads.

works completed well before program and the client happy with the result. overall a well run site with the help of the Lemay Painting and renovating team.

Wits West Campus (David Webster Building)

Component Projects is underway with the Ceilings at Wits University. component projects is doing the bulkheads and ceilings at the David Webster building. keeping to program and maintaining the highest quality of workmanship.

About Us

About us Component Projects Bulkhead, Ceiling and Partition Specialists.

First of all about us Component Projects was established in 1995 as a bespoke bulkhead ,ceiling and partition contractor.

Furthermore it has grown steadily over the last 20 years and now due to workmanship and dedication commands a reputation for service , reliability and quality.

Coffee Station at Anglo America -bulkhead, ceiling and partition specialist
Coffee Station at Anglo America -Bulkhead

While we offer practical solutions to all your internal and external fit out needs.

While specializing in  Bulkhead, Ceiling and Partition applications.

lift lobby Bulkhead at Anglo America bulkhead, ceiling and partiton specialist
lift lobby Bulkhead at Anglo America

Most noteworthy previous successfully completed contracts while in the Bulkhead, Ceiling and Partition industry  include;

  • Eastgate Mall refurbishment Johannesburg
  • Anglo American offices revamp Johannesburg C.B.D
  • I.B.M. offices refurbishment
  • Sandton
  • Hartbeespoort retail centre new build
  • University of Johannesburg.
  • Executive offices new build Auckland Park
  • Central Government offices refurbishment
  • Pretoria C.B.D
  • K.P.M.G offices new build
  • Parktown
  • Fourways Mall Phase Five new build
  • New Oncology department Johannesburg General Hospital
  • varios Pick n Pay
  • Checkers
  • Woolworths stores throughout Gauteng
  • Various Mcdonalds restaurants throughout Gauteng
  • Wartenweiler Library University of Witswatersrand refurbishment but to mention a few.

About us.

Due to the fact we are based in Kyalami, Midrand which gives us excellent access to both Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Furthermore we have superior links to our suppliers which include

About us-Component projects

Especially relevant our industry partners include

While our commitment to training and social responsibility has enabled us to maintain a strong relationship with employees and community as a result.

Hence our clients benefit and thus thrive from our extensive knowledge.

When specifying and carrying out projects in the Ceiling and Partition industry.

Hence our performance thus has enabled us to build strong relationships with clients and industry partners.

Consequently this in turn has lead the way to steady growth and reliability in the Ceiling and Partition sector of the construction industry as a result.

In conclusion component projects will hence work hard to maintain a great reputation.


Links of all industries Component projects links with in the Ceiling and partitions field.

Component projects links with all industries related to the Ceiling and partitons.

as a result has partnered up with the likes of the following:

Link-IT Training

WordPress Training Johannesburg – Consulting & Training: AdWords, Blogging, E-commerce, Email Marketing with MailChimp, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, WordPress


Supertec Ceilings and Partition suppliers-suppliers of high quality ceiling and partition product’s.

Marley Building systems– suppliers of Gypsum board and ceiling and partition and other high quality products used in the construction filed.

Ceiling and Partition warehouse – Suppliers of High quality Gypsum products as well as ceiling and partition products.

OWA ceilings– Suppliers of high end quality Ceiling and partition products in JHB.

Gyproc Saint-Gobain – Suppliers of gypsum board and ceiling and partition products.

Link-Construction industry partners

Murray & Roberts Construction-Murray & Roberts has a long and proud heritage of more than a century and is today recognised as a multinational project lifecycle group.

Barrow Construction-the Barrow Group is well placed to meet your construction and property needs

Group Five Building -Group Five is a leading African construction, concessions and manufacturing group with both the ability to deliver across the full infrastructure life cycle.

 Mota-engil Construction-Africa is a natural market for the Mota-Engil Group, thanks to a long and acknowledged 70 years’ experience

Fikile Construction -To meet the challenge and to show its commitment to the industry,

Lemay Construction-Lemay Construction was founded in 2009 by Rob Duncan, Duan van Wijk and Simon Kruger


  Component Projects ceilings, partitions and bulkheads.

Component Projects your ceilings, partitions and bulkheads specialists. How may we be of assistance?

First of all component Projects has been achieving goals for the last 22 years in the ceilings, partitions and bulkheads field.

Also setting the highest professional standards in the industry.

Since it is the bulkhead, ceiling and partition  bespoke company in South Africa.

With a reputation to match. You can be confidently assured of the best practices and service in the industry as a result.

bulkhead, ceiling and partition
Coffee Station at Anglo America -Bulkhead

Hence component Projects understands the challenges of the market.

Also placing emphasis on customer relationships and requirements.

We are here to assist with any queries that maybe of concern regarding ceilings, partitions and bulkheads installations.

In addition our trained and experienced staff are on hand to provide technical advice and information when required.

bulkhead, ceiling and partition
Coffee station Bulkhead at Anglo America

Component Projects has completed projects for the likes of

bulkhead, ceiling and partition
Partitions at Bram fischer towers

Component Projects completes projects to  the highest quality and service.

As well as being safety conscious in the construction environment.

Hence component Projects adheres to the safety regulations with an emphasis on employee and public welfare.

The Company ethos is safety first .

Component projects

CP has grown over the last 22 years going from strength to strength and maintaining the highest quality of products whilst maintaining competitive pricing.

Our industry partners include Gyproc Saint Gobain, Supertec Ceilings, OWA Ceilings, Marley Building Systems, Ceiling and Partition Wharehouse. Component Projects can confidently say that its products and services are of the best in the industry. These factors combine to make Component Projects an industry leader in the South African Ceilings, Partitions and Bulkheads market.

Component Projects can be your partner in finding the solutions to all your ceilings, partitions and bulkheads requirements.

Hence utilize our vast experience and data base to enable, you the client, the best experience and customer satisfaction.

As a result we proceed confidently looking forward to new relationships and challenges .