Ceiling and partitons

Ceilings_bulkheads_Partitions products use only top quality Gyproc products.

Ceilings_bulkheads_Partitions products that we use.

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Plaster Systems

  • Plaster Systems
  • Jointing
  • Skimming

Wall Systems

  • Gyproc Sound Resistance
  • Gyproc Classic
  • Gyproc High Performance (Habito)
  • Gyproc Fire Resistant
  • Gyproc Moisture Resistant (Glasroc H)
  • Gyproc Moisture Resistant
  • Gyproc Secure
  • Gyproc Impact Resistant
  • Huet Fire/Acoustic

Ceiling Systems

  • Gyproc Fire Rated
  • Gyproc M-Strip
  • Gyproc Acoustic (Tiles)
  • Gyproc Jointed
  • Gyproc Exposed Fire Rate (Tiles)
  • Gyproc Acoustic (Board)
  • Gyproc Exposed
  • Gyproc Skimmed
ceilings at VUT main lobby

Marley Building Systems

Siniat (Gypsum Ceilings, Partitions and Bulkheads Solutions)

  • Fibre Cement Façade Solutions
  • Gypsum Ceiling & Partitions Solutions
  • Fibre Cement Cladding & Ceiling Solutions
  • Passive Fire Protection Solutions

please check out our images to see all the products supplied by my suppliers.

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