Component projects bulkhead, ceiling and partition

Images from Component Projects bulkhead, ceiling and partition specialists.

Component projects bulkhead, ceiling and partition specialist in bulkhead, ceiling and partition.

Coffee station at Anglo America.

Ceiling grid and tiles supplied by OWA ceilings as it was specified in the bill of quantities and had high acoustic value.

time lines were kept in high regard in Anglo America projects as component kept to the specified periods and finished well with in program time.


Ceilings and partition erected at IBM

Ceilings and partition
Ceilings and partition erected at IBM

Bram Fischer Towers

high quality partition was erected in Bram fischer towers.

As a result the product was a success in that the client Lemay was thrilled with the finish.

In addition the ceilings have been installed with the high quality product.

hence the bulkheads had to designed in accordance with the safety standards. As a result the finished look is an astatic wonder.

Thus the passages are formed in such a way as to make the experience a welcoming and warming as possible.

Vaal University of Technology

Vaal University of Technology was completed by Component projects with the highest quality products and within the specified time period we were set by Fikile Constriction.

House bladwin

Some work done for House Bladwin( Heritage House)

Hawuei Park

This is some of the Bulkheads partitions and ceilings done at Hawuei.

Planet fitness done for Tri-Star construction in Middelburg.

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