Component projects bulkhead, ceiling and partition

High quality Bulkheads, Ceilings and Partitions at Anglo America lift lobby.

Bulkhead , ceiling and partition
Bulkhead at Anglo America lift lobby
Bulkhead, ceiling and partition company ‘Component projects’ Just one of the many Achievements by component projects. All work done to the highest standard and quality products used. Grade A office space created in the existing offices in Marshall town.

Bulkhead , ceiling and partition
Ceiling grid at Anglo America

Products used from OWA ceilings and partition. specified by the architect on site as the product to be used on site.

Bulkhead , ceiling and partition
Coffee station Bulkhead at Anglo America

Coffee station Bulkhead used the highest quality product and equipment to allow a flawless finish. Working with our partner Lemay Painting and renovating. Component projects has thus achieved the goal of being part of the world leader Anglo America and the renovation of the head office in Johannesburg.

Eastgate Mall Redevelopment.

First of all superior retail development in the East Rand was revamped to meet the latest consumer expectations. Also the shops, cinemas ,food court and open mall areas where given a high end look.

Furthermore with Component Projects Bulkheads, Ceilings and Partitions contributing greatly in this improved shopping experience.

The latest designs and technology were incorporated in these finishes to Bulkheads ,Ceilings and Partitions. As well as constructing new Bulkheads , Ceilings and Partitions Component Projects was heavily involved in creating temporary access for the shoppers and Mall staff.

This had to be achieved with the minimum disruption to the Mall.

As a result temporary Bulkheads ,Ceilings and Partitions were erected to enable parts of the centre to remain live whilst construction operations took place.

Access passages were erected to enable shoppers easy and safe entry into various areas of the Mall.

Quality and safety had to be maintained at all times for this high end shopping centre.

Vaal University of Technology.

While the construction of a new Languages centre incorporated Component Projects Bulkheads, Ceilings and Partitions.

In addition incorporating modern designs to make the learning experience pleasurable for the students.

In a bright ,clean and study conducive  environment to achieving high academic standards.

Due to academic support staff facilities requiring the best Bulkheads, Ceilings and Partitions solutions available. Component Projects  contributed greatly in the technical input in these structures as a result.