Bulkhead, ceiling and partition at Anglo American

Bulkheads, ceilings and Partitions at Anglo American.

Bulkheads, ceilings and partitions done to the highest quality.Another wonderful projects completed in Johannesburg CBD.

Bulkheads, ceilings and partition
Coffee station Bulkhead at Anglo America

The image of bulkheads, ceilings and partitions the above shows the high quality of the bulkhead at the coffee station at Anglo American.

The finished product is amazing. Client satisfaction was the penultimate goal. working with the likes of Lemay Painting and renovating was a wonderful experience.

Bulkhead, ceilings and partition
Bulkhead at lift lobby at Anglo America

The finished Bulkheads at the lift lobby is mesmerizing in lack of a better word. The Bulkheads is completed in the programed time and with a flawless finish.

Lemay Painting and renovating as well as the help from the Anglo team made the working at Anglo safe and efficient.

Bulkhead, ceilings and partition
Bulkhead at coffee station at Anglo America

The safety team at Lemay panting and renovating as well as the safety team from Anglo American made us Component Projects feel safe.

As a result the work  environment a pleasure to work in though out the construction period.

Anglo American bulkheads, ceilings and partitions.

The coffee station in the image above is the finished product after all trades complete work in the area.

Bulkhead, ceilings and partition
Ceiling at Anglo America

Ceilings are installed to the highest quality and within the tolerance required to maintain the beauty and artistic floor layout.

Ceiling material was supplied by OWA ceilings.

Since the team at Anglo and Lemay are thrilled at the finished product installed by Component Projects.

Bulkhead, ceilings and partition
Ceilings and partitions

As we have completed the 7 floors in our contract we are confident that Lemay and Anglo America will use us to complete more floors for them.

Component Projects worked well with the safety team and always maintained a high standard of safety for their employees on site as well as off site.

in conclusion a big Thank you to Lemay painting and renovating and Anglo American for a wonderful experience.

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